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BlueBird Mosaic
BlueBird Mosaic is a premier stain glass studio producing unique and eye pleasing contemporary works for over 10 years. 

Three of Marylee’s works have been chosen this year by the Department of Foreign Affairs to be included in their collection of art which is displayed at Embassies and Official Residences around the world.  Lolly, Counterpane and Satellite II now have homes in Lisban Portugal.

Marylee’s work was best in the show at the 2012 New Art Festival (Art in the Park).

The majority of Marylee Laing’s work are window inserts that are hung from the transom just in front of an existing window. 

The tall narrow pieces have been free hung from the ceiling to make attractive room dividers.  The smaller works can also be mounted on the wall as a traditional art work. Commissioned work is often for exterior door inserts and their side lights. Marylee’s freestanding works include traditional dividers and decorative fire place screens.

The bonding technique used allows for these pieces to be placed in an outdoor setting year round. Earlier outdoor works exposed to the  elements and chilly Ottawa winters of -30 are still in like new condition after more than 10 years. More and more are placing her works in their the gardens or strategically hanging them on a patio where they make excellent privacy screens during the summer and are then brought indoors to be enjoyed over the cold months. 

I would be pleased to have one of my distinctive creations in your home or garden. I know it would provide a life time of pleasure to you and your family and would put a smile on your face everytime you passed by  it.